Customs agency

We offer customs and logistical services for importing and exporting goods, based on certified processes and procedures to meet our customers´ requirements in terms of quality and time.
Using our own infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, personalized attention by assigning highly specialized and well-trained executives to assist your foreign trade operations.
Our customs services facilitate the import and export processes by using specialized tools and the expertise of its work team, such as:
• Electronic interfaces to fill in customs requests and compliance with VUCEM.
• Highly specialized in ground transportation (national and international).
• Knowledge in customs legislation and its regulatory framework.
• Excellent reputation among the authorities and government departments.
• Customs duty, legal and tax consultation related to foreign trade.
• On line and face-to-face training courses and updates.
We have coverage in the major customs of the country to meet your import and export needs.

Inspection in origin

Why is it necessary to carry out an Inspection of Container Load (CLC)?
● It saves time and money to your company to do the inspection in origin of the cargos that is carried out by our inspectors.
● It ensures that the paid product was loaded safely and appropriately.
● Inspect labels and other particular characteristics of your products based on an appropriate sample.
● With the report we make, which meets your own requirements and those of our system of certified inspection, you have the right proofs to file complaints, if necessary.

There are many benefits, some of these can be mentioned:
● The inspection is carried out in its factory (although the provider selects and entrusts his staff to handle the products and it is supervised by himself, our inspectors verify and report every detail to you)
● Inspection and movement at the same time while loading and filling the container (saving labor and reducing costs).
● Reduction of exposure time of the product which to some degrees is manipulated the merchandise by the staff who do not pay enough attention, therefore, reducing the risk of damage and theft, allowing mainly consider the authorities to revise their own maneuvers in accordance with their power of confirmation.
● Saving time that is needed to do inspections of confirmation carried out by Customs Agents that intervene in the process because of the report created by our inspections CLC contains the necessary and sufficient information and images for its appropriate confirmation.

Customs logistics

When an integral solution of logistics is required out of necessity, we can offer the services from the planning of shipments, to the analysis and project management in order to improve delivery times, safety and reduce costs.
In order to implement the logistic we offer:
● Excellent relations with the different entities with which we can reach agreements based on your projects. Among the different entities we can mention: Shipping companies, operators, warehouses and government institutions.
● Making a strategic plan.
● Establishment of processes and procedures.
● Assigning highly specialized staff for your projects (Executive of traffic, typist, annotator, classifier, gestor)
● Our extensive experience and relationships enable us to optimize the performance of the supply chains and thereby grant your company a competitive advantage.
Nowadays, logistic services are an increasingly necessary factor within the scope of global competitiveness, therefore in our logistic services we have a very important part inside of the supply chain, such as ground transportation with units equipped with technology and security that guarantee the proper handling and transportation of your products.

Legal counseling

Legal Counseling
We have an area specialized in customs law, foreign trade and taxation, which aims to continuously counsel and train not only our whole staff, but also our clients, offering them a wide range of services, monitoring, solving enquiries and timely transmitting and interpreting legal provisions, which go beyond the customs branch, announced under official media such as the Official Journal of the Federation and notices from various authorities.
Negotiate various legal requests which are foreseen in the laws to protect the legal and financial interest of our clients.
For this, we have a lawyer team specialized in customs, foreign trade and taxation laws, with the necessary experience to negotiate, among others, these following means of litigation:
• Administrative Procedures of Customs Subjects (PAMAS)
• Administrative Procedures of Omitting Contributions
• Administrative Resources for Revocation.
• Administrative proceedings in front of the Tax Court of the Federation.
• Trial of Refuge in front of the Federal Courts.

Ground logistics

We provide national ground deliveries with monitor via GPS and cameras having a large fleet of our own units including chassises, platforms, low boy, 3.5 and 4 ton vans with dry and closed box, cargo truck.
We are capable of moving all type of machinery, heavy and oversized cargo, pipes, gas tanks, vehicles, steel coils and whatever commodity, covering all of the aspects in terms of mobility, maneuver and safety.
We have well trained drivers to handle with your commodity.
In order to offer you an integral logistic we have services of collection, consolidation, transfer and delivery of your goods around all over the country using our own ground transportation by means of modern equipment and integral security and monitoring systems.

Risk administration

We offer cargo insurance for your shipments within national territory, just contact your account executive who will ask you for a few simple data and documents and then your goods are insured rapidly for any possible contingency that might occur during its transportation.
Do not be left unprotected, the value of your goods is very important to us!

Custom counseling

• Experienced staff for correct merchandise classification prior to customs clearance
• Strict adherence to regulation compliance or import permits
• Tariff benefits application by international treaties
• Logistics innovation in order to save time and costs
• Legal defense
• Revocation resources
• Annulment claims
• Refuge
• SAT’s requirement service
• Procedure in front of COFEPRIS
• Operation Notices
• Health Authorization
• Import Permit
• Health Records, enquires, etc.
• Negotiation for Animal Health Certificates
• Phytosanitary
• Advice for Company Formation
• Advice for registration in the General Register of Importers and Single-Window General Management, etc.

Door to door services

• International Marine Freights
• Ground Freight
• National Transportation
• Insurance of goods


In order to strengthen the integral logistic we get support by means of strategic alliances with national and international companies that offer various services related to foreign trade.

In house service

According to the project of every one of our client we analyze the need to assign one person or the necessary number of staffs to offer a better service from the inside of your company.

Official sworn translators

We have translators of different languages:

• English
• Vietnamese
• Chinese
• Thai
• Cambodian
• Bangladeshi


Our consulting services of foreign trade range from:
• Custom matters: Customs law, Regulations of customs law, Foreign Trade Law, Value-added tax law, Fiscal Code, Fiscal miscellany, General rules on Foreign Trade, etc.
Deferral Program, IMMEX, PROSEC, Regulation 8, Inspection in origin, etc.
• Tariff Classification: General tax law of Import and Export, General customs tariff of Import and Export, Tariff classification of the Products, Determination of the non-tariff Regulations and Restrictions to accomplish, etc.
• International treaties: International treaties, Resolution on Customs Matters, Rules of Origin, Certification of Origin, etc.
• Foreign trade Audit: Consultation on the compliance about everything related to obligations of Foreign Trade, Annual reports, in the ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy, INEGI, etc.
• Management of Administrative Procedures: In customs matters, tax credits and other administrative processes.